"One up, one down" rainbow shoe/boot laces!
Rainbow boot laces to jazz up your boots! One lace runs down from red to violet and the other goes the opposite way! 
Lengths available:
60cm : 3 to 4 eyelet pairs
75cm : 4 to 5 eyelet pairs
90cm : 5 to 6 eyelet pairs
100cm :  5 to7 eyelet pairs
120cm : 6 to 8 eyelet pairs
150cm : 7-10 eyelet pairs
180cm :  9-12 eyelet pairs
Optional waterproofing treatment - especially good for wellies!

:: Items are hand dyed to order so no two will be the same! I try to photograph items in natural light to show true colours but there may be slight differences monitor to monitor ::

"One up, one down" rainbow shoe/boot laces!

  • Please allow up to 14 days for despatch.

  • Cotton