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Three years.. oops!

So apparenty it's been three years since my last blog! For the most part we've had covid to contend with, I'm sure I'm not the only one that has found it tough and suffered losses. My love goes out to you if you did too or if you are still feeling the hardships that have come with the pandemic.

Today I want to share the new page on my site that I have added for my eldest daughter Milllie, who has started making and selling hand made goodies - including macrame plant hangers that are proving a hit - especially the ones using hand dyed cord! Her business is called 66 Crafty Nook (the 66 has come from the fact she has a 66.2 degree curvature of her spine - scoliosis). I am dyeing some more cord for her today so watch this space! You can find her new page here!

As for me, today I've finished dyeing Paperchain Club, Dye Me Aran Club is next!

And I've added a couple of new colourways to my Dyed to order yarn section, with the ones I already dyed in stock and the code TVB still works for 25% off any in stock yarn for this weekend!

Left :: Crackly Pop!

Right :: Jazzy Pop!

Thats all for now! I'm off for a bit of painting!

Thank you for reading and for all your fantastic support!

Mia & Millie


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