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Pick it up!

Long time no blog, I do apologise! This one isn't at all yarn related but something I feel is a good one to share, especially in our current climate crisis.

Yesterday my fella decided to do some litter picking down our street and around the little park we have at the end of it, Violet came along too with her eagle eyes to give us a hand. It was quite shocking to see how much we picked up just on our road, which isn't that long! The amount of cigarette butts surprised me too. It is such a shame to see people don't care. We did have one chap pull up and thank us for doing it, he does the same along his street and is dismayed by those that litter. By sharing I hope that it may encourage you to do the same in your area. If you have kids get them involved! Our three use some of my dyeing gloves to keep the nasties off their skin and I don't let them pick up glass or poo bags (why do people leave them lying around?!)

Excuse my face!!

Sometimes when we go for a walk over to Cannock Chase we'll take a bag too and think we might invest in a litter picker for harder to reach places! When we were in Cornwall there was a couple of beaches that had litter pickers for the public to use, with carrier bags for you to fill, such a fab idea! Although a shame that they are needed.

Ps. My leggings are from Lucy Locket Loves 😍 the comfiest leggings ever there were!

We are also trying to reduce our waste and the amount of plastic we have coming into the house. Did you know bottle lids don't get recycled? Neither do tetra packs. As someone who doesn't drink milk, I have a lot of oat milk and hadn't realised this was the case until today. They can however be taken to the tip so will be doing this in future. As for the bottle lids, LUSH have a system where you can send them in and they recycle them which is fantastic. And it's free! The address is Freepost, LUSH, GREENHUB! Simple!

Lastly, buying local and a shout out to a local shop that has been opened by a fellow school mum, Samantha. The Lichfield Pantry is located on the site of The Plant Pot garden centre and here you can find lots of lovely lovely items such handmade soaps, reusable face wipes and kitchen towels, metal straws etc. Also you can refill on dry good like oats, pasta, rice, fruit, nuts, herbs/spices and liquids like washing detergent, shampoo and conditioner.

I love that shops like this are popping up, I hope there is one local to you! I got us one of these EcoCoconut pot brushes to replace sponge scourers and some of the reusable kitchen towels and I'll definitely be going back for food refills once what we've got in the cupboard has been used.

We got some beautiful fresh produce from our local veg shop too, so no plastic packaging to be seen and it looked so pretty in our shopping bag!

Greenpeace have a petition running at the moment to ask Supermarkets to ditch plastic packaging. Please do sign it!

We are by no means a zero waste household but we are trying to get as close to that as we can by making some small changes. I hope this has inspired some of you to have a think about what you can do too :) Would be fab to hear what you have changed!

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