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Bonding Squares.

My local yarn shop (The Little Wool Shop - Rugeley, Staffordshire) is asking for donations of 'bonding squares' - they are knitted or crocheted squares, about 5 inches squares, that need to be made in pairs for the Neonatal Unit at our local hospital (and I imagine nationwide). They are to help families bond with their premature babies through the sense of smell. One is left in the baby's incubator, and one with the family. They are regularly swapped so the two can smell each other.

Its recommended that aran yarn be used, and a close stitch so theres no gaps. The shared pattern was a knitted one so I've put this solid granny square pattern together for those that prefer to crochet.

HDC solid granny squares.

Written in US terms.

You will need:

Aran yarn (I'm getting three squares from 100g)

5 or 5.5mm hook (I'm using 5.5mm)


Darning needle


Round 1:

Magic circle. Chain 3 or use chainless starting dc stitch, 3 hdc. *dc, 3 hdc*. Repeat two more times. Pull circle closed. Join with slip stitch to top of chain 3/csdc (this is fiddly so may with to use ch 3 for first round!).

Round 2:

Chain 3 or use csdc. Hdc in same stitch. Hdc in each hdc stitch below until you get to the dc stitch (corner). *hdc, dc, hdc in corner stitch. Hdc to next dc (corner)*. Repeat two more times.Hdc in base of starting chain/csdc. Slip stitch in top of starting ch/csdc.

Rounds 3-11:

Repeat round 2.

Fasten off. Weave in ends.



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