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My story...

Hello! I'm Mia, sole creator and owner of Three Violet Buttons and lover of rainbows! Let me tell you a little bit about TVB. It all started as a crocheting hobby that began while I was carrying my third child but over time began to accumulate sales - particularly booties and blankets, and then naturally progressed to hand dyeing yarn, clothing and accessories. Being allergic to wool (and vegan!), I made the decision to specialise in cotton yarn in 2017. I'll hopefully be introducing other bases soon too!

When trying to come up with a name, I wanted something that had some meaning; Three - I have three children - they keep me very busy (and make handy models!!) and I manage TVB around our family life; Violet - the name of our youngest who was born the year before TVB was established; Buttons - like many, I remember and loved the huge tub of buttons my Gran had when I was a child. And so Three Violet Buttons began, in June 2013!  

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